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RapidAssist is a remote technical support and training tool that helps you provide a higher standard of support and reduce support costs. With just a simple click on a web link, your technical support representative is instantly connected with your end-users in a virtual on-site support session. The support representative has an instant, real-time view of the end-user's desktop and can optionally share remote control of the mouse and keyboard.

  • Remotely view, draw on, and optionally control a remote user's computer
  • Licensed per concurrent technician, no per-desktop charges!
  • No prior installation required
  • Secure >>learn more
  • Seamlessly support users through firewalls and proxy servers
  • User-friendly >>try it now
  • Significantly improve customer satisfaction 
  • Can be run from your own server or hosted by us
  • Ready for you to use, right now!
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