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"RapidAssist is great! We don’t have to walk customers through the complex configuration of our software over the phone, just a few clicks and we’re done! We’ve had great support, couldn’t be happier. RapidAssist is a terrific product. We couldn’t live without it!"

John Maxwell - Owner, HiPerSoft Corporation

"We bought RapidAssist because we were having problems supporting our customers who were on the other side of a firewall. RapidAssist has solved those problems! It’s a great product!"

Toby Koenig - Field Automation Systems Manager, CompassLearning

"New Vision has been a client of nTeras for about 6 months. Our experience with their product and support expertise has been outstanding. We have also found RapidAssist to be valuable by using it to provide on-line training for our customers. The product is solid, easy to use, and most of all, reliable. I strongly recommend RapidAssist to any company that needs to provide quality on-line support to its clients."

D. F. Edwards - President, New Vision Marketing, Inc.

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